Thursday, November 7, 2013

On Writing: Why the 'Why Write Project'?

My life has been full of them since my last post. The quiet little role I anticipated at the NewHampshire Writers Project has expanded, as has my work with the Amoskeag Journal. Meantime, I spent the summer revising a novel, plunking away at short stories,  revising my website, and puttering around the house.
Oh, and I now officially collect typewriters and became a biographer of literary rock star Wiley Cash.
The day job got back in full swing come August, which claimed about two-thirds of my time and energy.  Unlocking the door to my classroom (and a tired and bleary cheeseburger break with my wife) was the impetus for my latest brainchild, The Why Write Project. 

The Why Write Project started with a statistic that showed 60 percent of college freshmen must take a remedial English class (for which they don’t earn college credit) to perform college-level work, and a class I helped create for high-school freshmen. In an effort to show those high-school freshmen the importance of writing, I collected videos from friends and former students showing their perspective on the role of writing in their lives and work. From there, and with some much-needed video editing help from my friend Dan Brian, we created the Why Write Project.  
We will post a new video about once a week. We have several in the hopper and more on the way, including one from a military policeman in Afghanistan and a relatively famous geek blogger. Others will come, and anyone reading this is welcome to throw her own Why Write video into the mix.  We’ll be posting the format requirements in a few weeks, along with video files of the intro and outro that you can bookend your video with.  Dan and I reserve the right to reject videos on quality and content grounds … after all, this project is for the kiddos.

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