Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Blues: Too Many Years in Review

Whew! I am managing to post less than (but not much than) two years since the last time. That means something, right? I’m not a total failure as a blogger …
I talk up typewriters at 2016's New Hampshire Writers' Week. 
It has been many a busy month since I sat down to this. I have been thrashing along on projects and ventures. Since last we spoke I’ve … what? … published a piece in the New Republic, which is sort of a dream come true … unloaded an article on novelist Wiley Cash to Page & Spine … did some work for hire for James C. Holder’s Planet Oz project … sold a story to the Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide … ran two installments of the Summer Teen Writers’ Conference ... collected some new typewriters … evangelized about typewriters …  taught a bunch of classes at the high school and college level and watched a lot of students graduate … drafted a couple of books … wrote a play as William Shakespeare …  took a 22-day road trip …  more things …
Zoom out a couple of years and there looks to be a lot of empty space among the “achievements,” but it’s difficult to get a good picture in the throes, when the sweat and severed limbs are flying up in the air, and all you want to do is lie down and sleep.
But I’m back, and a couple of the heavier hats are set to slip off my head in the next couple of months. I expect to be writing more and getting back to the rhythm of those Twenty-First Century Blues.


  1. Welcome back, looking forward to more updates.

    1. Joe, thanks for the welcome. After so much time away, I have a backlog of typewriter stuff to talk about!