Friday, December 2, 2016

From goat to soap

Every spring, Brenda and I go to Jenness Farm in Nottingham, NH to stock up on soap. The soap is handcrafted from goats’ milk, and we buy a year’s worth at a time, swapping and sniffing the bars (about 90 varieties!) in the showroom until we get the ones we want. We lug the bars home, and Brenda makes them disappear somewhere.
It takes about two months to wear a bar of the soap away. For those two months, I shave and shower with the scent of Bay Rum or Blackberries & Cream, watching the soap vanish into suds and run down the drain.

New soap day is a treat. Not only does it bring a new fragrance into my life, it reminds me of spring at the farm. We time our visits for birthing season so we can watch and feed the baby goats. (We’ve also been known to stalk them on the farm’s Goat Cam.) This year we were also treated to a visit with a young pig named Rosie, destined to be pork chops, but, for the moment, delighting in her plastic wading pool.
The latest bar of soap was labeled “Peppermint Pick-Me-Up.” As might be imagined, it has a fresh peppermint scent that clings to my post-shower skin. I doubt the mint picked me up more than the simple changing of the soap and the memories it brought with.
I’m destined to be pork chops one day, metaphorically, but this morning I delighted and splashed with my new soap.
Simple pleasures are the best.

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