Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Blues: Vote Free or Die

My lovely wife, mostly lovely son, and I went to a local brew pub recently (Milly's Tavern in Manchester) to check out a poetry slam held in honor of the pre-NH Primary Republican events. A good time was had by all, even if MTV News missed the point of the gathering. I taped you a couple of excerpts. 

Emily B., high school student and veteran slammer.

This one was inspired by Crazy-Man Also-Ran Rick Santorum.

"Toast: A Political Poem"
More on Santorum. He was pretty popular among the slammers.


  1. I take you to all the best places, Kel. The beer is pretty good, too. The group, "Slam Free or Die," does an event there every Thursday. It's much fun. I'm thinking of doing some readings to help me get over my stage fright.

  2. Loved the pre-poem on Santorum and homosexuality. "Fuck him."

    Good stuff all around. It's good to hear some free clever and creative speech. Makes New Hampshire all that more appealing.

  3. New Hampshire has its good points, mainly the landscape and the growing number of cool people. The existence of Slam Free or Die is one of the ways I rationalize living here.