Wednesday, June 27, 2012

On Writing: Renovations, a Write-a-Thon, and my Graduation Speech

It’s the middle of the second week of my summer vacation, and I’ve filled the time so far with home renovations and writing. We live in a one-a-half –story Cape, and, as part of a five-year spruce-up plan, we’re working to make that half story livable. My office has been up there for the past four years, but it’s not insulated. As a result, I broil in the summer and freeze in the winter. We put a bathroom up there last summer, and this summer we’re hacking out a “master” bedroom, a craftroom for my wife, and a library area. I do whatever bits of the work I can, and call in experts for anything that could gush water, electrocute, or be seen with the naked eye.

Writing-wise, I’m taking part in the Clarion Write-a-Thon.  Clarion is a non-profit sci-fi and fantasy writing school that’s been in operation summers since 1968. A lot of big names have come out of the school:  Tobias Buckell and Cory Doctorow to name a couple.  The money I raise through sponsorships will support the Clarion Foundation, which, in turn, supports the workshops. If you have some spare bucks, you can sponsor me (or any of the other writers taking part – DAVID BRIN! and my pal Dan Brian) here.
Last week, I posted a recording of the reading I gave as part of my MFA graduation from Southern New Hampshire University’s fiction–writing program. Well, I also had the honor of being asked to give the student speech at the graduation, and I offer a recording of that speech below.  If my words don’t deliver enough excitement, hopefully my efforts to “sex up” the video a bit will. 


  1. My ex-husband and I converted our attic to a master bedroom. I wish I were close enough to help you--I'm pretty good at that sort of thing. :) Love the video, have fun with the writathon.

  2. You are with me in spirit, KG. Thanks for the positive vibes.