Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On Writing: Mischief Managed, More Planned

    I hit my Clarion Write-a-Thon goal with twelve days to spare. It wasn’t a supremely ambitious goal – a mere 20,000 new words between June 24 and Aug. 5. I’ve pulled off NaNoWriMo thrice (50,000 words in thirty days), so 20K wasn’t a huge stretch – but it did keep me writing, and, frankly, I needed the crutch offered by the artificial deadlines.

     Although my Write-a-Thon goals are met, the fund-raiser is not over. Feel free to hustle over to my Clarion page and drop some coinage into the hopper. Clarion is a long-standing bastion of awesomeness and could use the help. To sweeten the deal: The first five writers who raise more than $100 this week will receive their choice of one of five first-editions donated by Jim Shea: The Clarion Awards, edited by Damon Knight (1984) and including stories by Nina Kirirki Hoffman and Lucius Shepard; Better Than One, by Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm (1980), inscribed to “Dave” by both Damon and Kate; The Day The Martians Came, by Frederick Pohl (1988);Among the Dead, by Ed Bryant (1973); and What I Didn’t See, by Karen Joy Fowler (2010). If I get a first-edition I’ll raffle it off among supporters who leave their names. So far, all my donors are anonymous, so your odds are pretty good.
      For the remainder of July and the first chunk of August, I’ll be turning my attention to revising. I have a handful of older short story first drafts and a lot of new material to wade through. By mid August, I’ll hit the launch button on a new project: a book-length sequel to a short story I wrote in November. It’s to be a pulp-style space opera set in an alternate-history version of the 1970s: Sex, drugs, disco, and space battles.
     I’ve a few more things cooking on various burners, and I’ll post about them as they merit.
    Thanks for reading. That’s the news, and I’m out of here.

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