Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Books for Writers: The Day I Left

     How are you going to get them back on the farm after they've seen Pau? It ain't easy, as it turns out, and they won't come back the same. Some of them, like Jarrod Nelson (the protagonist) of Jason Korolenko's book The Day I Left, are scarcely recognizable.
     Nelson, a young American studying abroad in France, is a man haunted by happenings, real and imagined. Worse, he can't tell the difference between the events with molecules and the ones that only occur in his head. And, thanks to Korolenko's use of POV, the reader can't really tell either. Who done it?, who was it done to?, and what's with the dead baby? are questions that will leave the reader wondering until the end.
     The Day I Left is a clean read, especially for an indie. I think I spotted two typos, but then I couldn't find them again, making me wonder if Jarrod wasn't rubbing off on me.
     The book kept me entertained and curious through five nights of pre-bed reading, and it will likely do the same for you. Korolenko is a talent to be reckoned with, and I look forward to reading more, much more by this author.
     The Day I Left is free to a good Kindle this week on Amazon.


  1. Rob. You kick ass. Have I told you that lately? Thank you, brother.

    1. I believe you're the fellow who wrote the scary book, boyo. I'm just running it up the flagpole.