Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm ... (Feb. 20, 2013)

“The Big Over Easy” by Jasper Fforde — Humpty Dumpty is dead, and the sad sacks at the Nursery Crimes Division must  figure out who put him in pieces. Fun and meta-fictional police-procedural.
“The Man Who Quit Money” by Mark Sundeen Daniel Suelo hasn’t used money in thirteen years. He lives in cave, barters, and is such a cool guy that other people just give him stuff.  A great piece of narrative nonfiction.

Just finished a short story inspired by a fried-chicken errand.
 Plugging away at a seventies SF novella.

Listening to: 
“Signed and Sealed in Blood” by the Dropkick Murphys — This thing has been out for a while (it includes a Christmas song), but I only picked it up a couple of weeks ago.  Rousing, which is what I need at times.
“Superfly” by Curtis Mayfield — Super seventies soundtrack. Helps to get me into the right mindset for my current long-form fiction project.

Jeremiah” — Two seasons of post-apocalypto from Showtime. All the adults got sick and died fifteen years ago, so everyone left grew up as orphans.  
King of the Nerds” — A guilty pleasure if there ever was one. Ridiculous.

New Albion Ale — One of Sam Adam’s limited releases. Light and tasty.
Chamomile Tea — Blocks those betas!

-- This is the first of weekly or so updates on what's new and cool in my life in terms of books, bands, and beverages.

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