Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Awards Eligibility in the Year of Our Hellscape 2020

This is the year that I did THE THING and watched a bouncing, baby novel scamper out of the presses at Angry Robot Books. It's called "The Light Years," and I am well chuffed about it. AR and I have a deal for the next book (not a sequel) which is coming out in August 2021.

"A long-lost battleship and an arranged marriage may hold the key to faster-than-light travel and humanity’s future in R.W.W. Greene’s debut The Light Years."

"The Light Years" netted a starred review on Booklist, and folks seem to like it. 

Also eligible for some stuff is my short story, "The Build 'Em Tough on Magna Mater," published in Metaphorosis in July 2020. It was inspired by the movie "Footloose" (Kevin Bacon edition). 

And, yeah, I have some survivor's guilt re crowing about my success during a pandemic, but Cat Rambo says it's okay. 

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