Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Count down the months in #typewriters

I have a butt load of typewriters (butt, in this case, being a cask used to carry ale or the wagon used to carry said cask, not the fleshy mound I sit upon). How many? It depends on who's answering the question.

On a good day, I have 25 or so that work, and maybe a dozen that have good ribbons. By my count, I have two dozen typewriters, but my lovely wife, Brenda Noiseux, insists on counting the machines awaiting repairs and the projects in the wings. So forty typewriters. Maybe fifty. And let's not count the ones I've cleaned up, fixed, and given to students. 

This typewriter was not ready for the calendar.

At least I'm not a car collector, I say. My wife harrumphed at first, but now she has become a master typewriter spotter. She can detect a case quicker than I can, and she's just as likely to bring home a fosterling or Goodwill find. 

This summer, after years of talking about it, she took many of our typers on the road and took pictures. The result is the 2017 Typewriter Calendar she is promoting on Kickstarter. I don't know how she culled the hundreds of pictures she took down to a cool dozen, but the result is gorgeous. My collection has never looked better. 

If you are a typewriter fan, or have a typewriter fan on your Christmas list, you might want to check her project out. 

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